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Magical School Assemblies!
“Matthew Taylor is one of the most entertaining teaching artists you will ever meet!”

Gallery and Comments

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What Teachers say about our shows:

3/10/17 Wonderful program! He was outstanding with the kids and kept them fully engaged! I hope he can come back to our school next year! Wendy E.           Batesville Intermediate School; Batesville,  IN 4/06/17 I love the energy and enthusiasm he brings! He is go good with the students making them feel special. I like how he has control of the students -"I pick students sitting criss cross applesauce, on their pockets, and putting a smile on their face." As a teacher I feel I can enjoy the performance because I am not correcting behaviors because he is engaging and he sees it and takes care of it. His message is great, the students can relate to it. Thank you! J. Narwold                     St. Louis Catholic School; Batesville,  IN 5/24/17 Students really enjoyed and liked how the show linked to giving of time and gifts at a kid friendly level. Facts were  interesting for the teachers/kids as well. P. Smearsoll                     Springdale Elementary; Springdale, OH
6/15/17 Another fabulous program for us today! He is skilled at motivating children, his performances always encourage them, showing them how much fun reading and learning are. Library staff  were quite busy after the program, helping the children find the books they were asking for! Thank you! S. A. Sentney              Loveland Branch Library; Loveland, OH 7/27/17 The show was great. We really enjoyed the message and the children were very entertained. He did a wonderful job capturing and keeping their attention, he was funny and very talented. It was apparent that He knew how to work with children and enjoys it as well. We will definitely be using this program again in the future. J. Drake    Northside Child Development Center; Lebanon, OH         
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